'eVEN IF...'

friday 10th sept 2021 7.30pm

Thank you for visiting our site. Our next event is 'Even if...' is getting ready and the guest speaker is Pastor Sallie Wilson. We look forward to seing you and if you have any enquiries please visit our Facebook page and post a comment.
You are loved and valued.

About TQ

Treasure Quest (TQ) is a singles Christians ministry started by Pastor Nancy whose vision it is to empower Christian singles. TQ holds two packed events a year and is a ministry that is growing from strength to strength since its first event in Feb 2017.

TQ is a ministry directed to singles, just like men’s ministry is directed to men and women’s ministry to women. TQ is focused on addressing issues pertinent to singles and singleness. It is not a dating service or a matchmaking service; the mission of TQ is to celebrate the significance of singles and their unique role in the body of Christ, and to encourage them in their pursuit of God, His will and His purposes during their season of singleness, whether that season is temporary or a permanent choice, and to help them discover and walk in the plans and purposes God has for them. TQ aims to empower singles to make good choices in life and relationships through the teaching of God’s word and the inspirational testimonies of others, bringing transformation, wholeness and contentment, and enabling wise and healthy decision making. TQ aims to be fun-driven, interactive, friendly and informative, using icebreaker games, panels of experts to answer anonymous questions, and plenty of food and fellowship creating space for interactivity.


SINGLE HEARTED was the last event held physically before the Covid pandemic. It was held on February 7th 2020 at the Lighthouse venue. The subsequent event in Sept 2020 was held on Zoom and was also well received.

The evening is filled with ice-breakers, games, word and worship all designed to leave you refreshed with new connections and experience.


The event will be marked by a gifted speaker who will bring a fresh word that will enhance your soul and leave you empowered with new insights.


Nourish you body as well as your soul. You will be served food and drinks throughout the day as part of the event. Nothing brings people together better than fellowship around food.


Uplifting praise and worship is the center and circumference of the evening and you will be led by the Rivers & Robots band.


TQ is run by a group of committed volunteers . Here are some of the key people.
Alison Gatenby
Alison Gatenby
Events Organiser
Samuel Chee
Samuel Chee
Events Organizer
Téhjuana Althia
Téhjuana Althia
Social Media
Sam Chanda
Sam Chanda
Media & Video Production
rachel willis
rachel willis
Music / Worship


Here are a few examples of how the TQ singles ministry is helping Christian singles thrive and having a powerful impact


Elevate your thinking and your life will follow. This TQ blog aims to explore ideas that relate to Christian single life.