August 29, 2019


I am passionate about TQ because God put us in different seasons in our journey with him. TQ is just for people in a season of singleness; we don’t know how long we will linger in this season … maybe a short time, maybe for a while or maybe for some of us will be happily single for the rest of our lives and that’s all ok. However long it is, I know we are precious, valued, significant in the eyes of our Lord and we each have a great purpose from God, so we need to be very wise how we spend this time. We need to use this season to prepare ourselves for our next season and to fulfil our God-given purpose. In TQ we endeavour to help you to discover your purpose and identity as singles, to empower, equip, and train you for your next season with inspiring and anointed teaching while providing you with modern and fresh ways of entertainment as you get a chance to meet other singles from all across the country. We strive to provide a forum and a safe place where Christian singles from different churches can gather and fellowship.

Being single is not easy; sometimes we can be misunderstood, overlooked, stigmatized, isolated, judged or even ostracized. I’ve been there and that’s why I’m passionate about TQ. I know what it is to lose a husband – I lost my husband to cancer when I was 29 so I know how hard life can be as a single mom with two young children. For 11 years I brought them up alone, believing and trusting God’s grace to see me through – but I also know what it is to see God’s restoration come to pass in my life.

In 2005 through a supernatural series of dreams God spoke to me that I was to be married again, and through a series of events in 2006 I married my beautiful husband, Alex Robertson, who lived across the world and who was perfectly designed by God for me. We had never met or dated each other except when I traveled from Canada to England to meet this man by God’s divine instruction! Now here we are; we’ve been happily married for 13 years. God surely is a God who restores and showers us with blessings which ever seasons we are in.

So that’s how I know that there are seasons in our life … seasons of blessing, seasons of sorrow, seasons of singleness, but in every season, we are valued and loved by God, and God has significance and purpose for us in all our seasons.

Through TQ we want to inspire and empower you. We are God-focused and God-centered and all we want to see is you to be blessed in your season of singleness, and in all your seasons.

Love in Christ,